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"I believe it is within your control to create the life you want and I can help you to do that"

I'm Jenni Hallam

I believe it is within your control to create the life you want and my role is to help you to do just that. I am a catalyst for change, growth and development in your career, your business and your life.

I believe that:

Change doesn’t need to be difficult

It is never ‘too late’

There is no such thing as failure

Life and learning should be fun!

As a Coach, NLP Practitioner, Trainer and Teacher I have a long and successful history of producing impactful change and development for both individuals and groups in a range of personal, business and education environments. I have successfully helped and inspired people at all stages of their lives, including senior executives, business owners and entrepreneurs, professionals and young people.

In my work I bring together my personal and business coaching skills with specialist knowledge of NLP, Career Development, Mental Toughness and Communication Excellence.

When you work with me, enjoying yourself is compulsory!

Discover your true potential

In every context I work in, my focus is on people

I believe the foundations of success in all aspects of our professional and personal lives are built on five elements






My coaching and training programmes are structured around the development of these five elements in relation to my clients’ needs, wants and goals.

I help people to know themselves better and to understand how their minds work. This is the starting point for all positive change, for increasing self esteem and self belief and for leading a happier and more fulfilling life.


I listen first - then act

Any business or organisation depends on the people who run it and work within it for success.

I help your people to:

• Be more effective as leaders and team members

• Be more engaged with their work and with the goals of their company

• Be more resilient in managing their emotions and coping with challenge and change

• Become better at all forms of communication and negotiation


Increase Your Power & Influence Workshops and Coaching Programmes for Women


“Jenni is a great career coach because of her empathy, enthusiasm and practicality, as well as her willingness to share her own experience. She provided the support of a friend together with the challenge of a mentor. I have every intention of using her services again and recommend her unreservedly.”

— Noreen Kitchner - Senior Finance and Business Change Director

“Jenni has really helped me over the last few months to focus on my next career move and provide great support during career transistion. She is extremely strong at getting clients to maintain high energy and remain motivated in their search.”

— Andrew Price - Format Consultant

“I worked with Jenni when I decided to re-evaluate my career and focus on the role I really wanted. She helped me enormously exploring and listening to my drive and goals, whilst keeping me focused on what could be achievable. Excellent coach, professional and diligent and would commend her approach and tenacity to get the right result.”

— John Kennedy - Business Unit Executive

“I first met Jenni at a time when I was still trying to evaluate the next stage in my career. Not just a very personable and positive coach Jenni helped me to think more about alternative routes to pursue through a number of discussions, exercises and research, listening to and building on my reactions with both sensitivity and guidance. Jenni has been extremely forthcoming with ideas, early stage research and contacts. With her fantastic ability to motivate and build confidence this is a working relationship that I very much enjoy and hope will continue long into the future.”

— Terry Tidbury - Finance Director

“Jenni coached me in a manner that was very honest, much needed and delivered in a most positive & acceptable way. Some of the things she taught me will stay with me forever.”

—Phil Littleford - Procurement Manager

“Jenni is a highly engaging, personable and calm individual, excellent traits for a coach. She has a wide breadth of experience but more than that she is able draw the needs (and wants) of her clients out in a way that allows them to gain great insight into themselves - a highly valuable skill. Having experienced Jenni’s coaching skills first hand I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to gain greater understanding of themselves and the focus they need to succeed.”

—Miles Austin - Recruiter

“‘Jenni leads enligtening, empowering workshops aimed at opening women’s eyes. Great for understanding the differing dynamics of men and women and how this can impact on success in the workplace.”

—Rosemary Pharo - Therapist

“Just completed Jenni’s training module ‘Think Feel Know’ and was enlightened on the importance of knowing which order those preferences manifest themselves in my own order of thought. I can therefore give myself a better chance of effective client rapport if I can also recognize these traits in others as well. Jenni as always is a pleasure to train with and a great coach!”

—Rory Follwell - Franchise Owner

“Jenni has great creative ideas for all her presentations and activities and her work is both inventive and entertaining. She presents material with ease and humor that sets a relaxed tone for any workshop she runs.”

—Steve Campbell - Business Owner


I Want to Help You Grow Your Business

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Business address:

3 Cobden Road London SE25 5NY

Registered in the UK Company number 06974333